Shenmue The Animation (Trailer) (2022)

From the epic video game series Shenmue (1999) which was available for the Sega Dreamcast comes an animated film. The video at the time was one of the most innovative and interactive games of it’s time. You can basically say you were playing an interactive movie. The story of Shenmue follows a teenage martial artist […]Read More


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Official Trailer

Dragon Ball is back with another canon movie to add into the official story and continuation of Dragon Ball Super. We get introduced into new heroes and villains and the return of the Red Ribbon Army. The animation for this new movie looks top notch and will absolutely blow the minds of everyone when we […]Read More

Film & TV (Clips)

Love, Death & Robots (Vol 2) – Vacuubot vs Old

This is a clip from Love, Death & Robots Volume 2, episode 1 called “Automated Customer Service”. An old lady and her dog is at home. Keeping watch and taking care of her is a Vacuubot that can clean the house and protect the home from potential threats. These scene shows you the potential of […]Read More

Film & TV (Clips)

Black Mirror: Metalhead – The Robot Dog

One of the most terrifying things to see is when technology that is used to help us and make things easier, turns into a weapon that can hunt you down and destroy you. In this episode of Black Mirror called “Metalhead”, the Robot Dog’s mission is to kill humans who are not apart of the […]Read More

Anime (Clips)

Goku Black (Super Saiyan 3 Rose) vs Gogeta (Mastered Ultra

Scene from Episode 38 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes where all the non-canon scenarios take place. Characters from different series, arcs, and timelines converge together and fight each other. In this particular scene, Goku Black has grown in power and was able to surpass his level and turn into Super Saiyan 3 Rose. Thinking that […]Read More


Chainsaw Man (Official Trailer)

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Animation Studio Mappa who has worked on Attack on Titan, Evangelion 3.0, FLCL, and more is doing the animation for this upcoming Anime Series. The amazing animation from this studio will carry over nicely, you can see how glorious it looks in […]Read More