Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – Part 1 (Official Trailer 2)

The latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has dropped on December 18, 2021 and it looks amazing. After the success of the previous movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball) is going in a different direction, art wise, for this movie. It’s our belief that Akira wants to experiment with a new look for every new canon film. Giving us a unique and fresh perspective to an aging anime series.

Here we see more footage of our villains (The Red Ribbon Army) going up against our Z Fighters. What’s more interesting about this trailer is that you can clearly see that both Goku and Vegeta are not on earth where the battle is taking place. Both are on Beerus’s planet training with Whis. If you follow the Dragon Ball Super manga, then you will know why.

The highlight of this trailer is Gohan wearing the Piccolo Gi (Uniform) once again and going Super Saiyan. Throw back to classic Gohan, who everyone fell in love with. For those who don’t know, Gohan going Super Saiyan does not mean he can’t go Mystic (Ultimate). Like every other Saiyan, Gohan will most likely be testing his abilities first against these new foes before going all out.

Pan, daughter of Gohan (and Videl), will also have a lot more screen time. She’s the perfect character to bring back into the fold. This is a excellent opportunity for this series to target a much younger viewing audience. Gohan, with daughter by his side, returns back to the spotlight. This can also be seen as redemption and an apology for what they did to Gohan when “The Great Saiyaman” was bestowed upon us all.

Will the power of family prevail in this movie? Or does Goku have to teleport back to earth to save the day? We will find out when this movie releases in Japan on April 22nd, 2022.

Movie Credits:

Screenplay, Creator and Character Designer: Akira Toriyama
Director: Tetsuro Kodama
Art Director: Nobuhito Sue
Animation Director: Chikashi Kubota
CGI Director: Jae Hoon Jung
Music: Naoki Satō

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