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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Official Trailer

Dragon Ball is back with another canon movie to add into the official story and continuation of Dragon Ball Super. We get introduced into new heroes and villains and the return of the Red Ribbon Army. The animation for this new movie looks top notch and will absolutely blow the minds of everyone when we […]Read More


Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 Promo Trailer HD (2022)

It’s official, the follow up to the hit movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been announced by Toei Animation to be released in 2022. This movie will be canon to the existing Dragon Ball Super series and will feature Broly, Frieza, and the original cast of Z fighters. The new movie will tie in the […]Read More


Goku Stacks Ultra Instinct With Super Saiyan God

In Dragon Ball Super Manga 72, Goku and Vegeta face off against a new and powerful opponent, and his name is Granolah. After being struck by a powerful Ki blast that KO’d Goku, Vegeta provides Goku with a senzu bean to restore his vitality. With a fresh new opportunity, Goku has some trouble keeping up […]Read More

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Dragon Ball Super: Goku vs Jiren (Full Fight)

Goku goes beyond his limit and absorbs the power of the spirit bomb to achieve a new evolution in his Super Saiyan form. This limit breaker form is called “Ultra Instinct”, something that no normal moral could achieve until now. Only God’s are able to reach that level. Some how Goku has made it possible. […]Read More