Dragon Ball Super: Goku vs Jiren (Full Fight)

Goku goes beyond his limit and absorbs the power of the spirit bomb to achieve a new evolution in his Super Saiyan form. This limit breaker form is called “Ultra Instinct”, something that no normal mortal could achieve until now. Only God’s are able to reach that level. Somehow, Goku has made it possible.

Because this form is new, Goku has to continue to train and master this technique. Whis, who has white hair, is constantly in the state of Ultra Instinct. He mentioned that there are levels to achieve before Ultra Instinct can become perfected and “mastered”.

The series Dragon Ball continues to be the standard in all anime when it comes to exciting battles, power ups, and transformations. For those who don’t know, the Dragon Ball Super series will continue after the tournament of power. The manga currently, is currently 2 arcs ahead as I am writing this.

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