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Awakened Garou vs Bang Fight (by WildWolf Animation)

The Battle between the S Class and Executives is heating up. When things couldn’t get worst for both sides, Awakened Garou steps on the scene. His goal is to destroy both the Hero and Monster Association and create his own

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Mob Psycho 100: Mob vs Hanazawa (Full Fight)

Mob takes on Hanazawa in a battle of the psychics. As usual, Mob is very reluctant to fight or use his powers. He understands the power that he has inside and that he can potential destroy his opponent. Hanazawa, a

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Vegeta’s New Super Saiyan Blue “Emotion Control” Form

The prince of all saiyan’s Vegeta has evolved once again! Vegeta’s latest form (excluding the Manga) to date in episode 35 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we see him go beyond the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form. This form is

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One Punch Man (Season 2): Garou vs 8 Heroes (Full

One of the highlights from Season 2 of One Punch Man had to be the fight between Garou and 8 heroes from classes A though C. With Death Gatling and Stinger being the most toughest of the bunch. During this