Anime (Clips)

Goku Black (Super Saiyan 3 Rose) vs Gogeta (Mastered Ultra

Scene from Episode 38 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes where all the non-canon scenarios take place. Characters from different series, arcs, and timelines converge together and fight each other. In this particular scene, Goku Black has grown in power and was able to surpass his level and turn into Super Saiyan 3 Rose. Thinking that […]Read More


Chainsaw Man (Official Trailer)

Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Animation Studio Mappa who has worked on Attack on Titan, Evangelion 3.0, FLCL, and more is doing the animation for this upcoming Anime Series. The amazing animation from this studio will carry over nicely, you can see how glorious it looks in […]Read More

Anime (Clips)

Garou vs Darkshine Part 1 (Fanimation) by markReymer

This scene is where Garou (the hero hunter) stumbles upon Darkshine (apart of the Hero Association). Garou’s main goal is the destroy all hero’s and monsters alike. Even though in his pursuit for power, he ends up risking is own humanity. You it’s bad (but still amazing) when independent animators have to step up and […]Read More


The Matrix Resurrections (2021 Official Trailer)

John Wick Neo is back and is ready to re-enter the matrix and bring order between the humans and robots. Based on the look of this trailer, Neo is unaware of who he originally was. He is having abnormal dreams and starts to seek answers, just like what he started to do in the first […]Read More

Video Games

Fortnite Cyber Infiltration Pack Game Play Video

Video by PIZO (Youtuber) Fornite provides an amazing gaming experience for millions of people around the world. Besides a fun and addicting game play, Fortnite allows you to purchase skins that make the game play more enjoying. Released in April 2021, Fortnight dropped the Cyber Infiltration Pack that brings anime to the forefront. Many gamers […]Read More

Anime (Clips)

Mob Psycho 100: Mob vs Hanazawa (Full Fight)

Mob takes on Hanazawa in a battle of the psychics. As usual, Mob is very reluctant to fight or use his powers. He understands the power that he has inside and that he can potential destroy his opponent. Hanazawa, a fellow classmate in school doesn’t care at all. He wants to test his power and […]Read More