Saitama vs The Hulk Art Collection

One of the most powerful being in the entire Comic Book Universe takes on possibly one of the strongest heroes in the Anime Universe. This battle is between The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Comics) vs Saitama (One Punch Man). The Hulk is known for his limitless strength and rage which makes him stronger as the battle […]Read More

Anime (Clips)

All For One vs One For All – United States

In the hit anime series My Hero Academia, All Might takes on One For All in a final showdown. All Might’s power is fading, but before his “flame” goes out, he put’s his entire heart and soul into a final punch to earn the victory. What’s very apparent in the fight was All Might’s ability […]Read More


Awakened Garou vs Bang (Fan Art) (PedroZox x MarkReymer)

Garou, the hero hunter is on his way to becoming a full monster. After his fight with Darkshine, Garou finds himself transformed partially into a monster. Bang, Garou’s former teacher will have to fight his pupil and put a stop to his hero killing rampage. But can Bang succeed against this new Garou? In the […]Read More


Dynasty Warriors (Official Trailer) Netflix

When movie studios take video game adaptations seriously, you get a movie of quality and stature like Dynasty Warriors. Based on Koei Tecmo’s hit franchise series comes one of the most epic video game movies of all time. If this movie can do well like Mortal Kombat, we will surely be gifted with more sequels. […]Read More