Anime (Clips)

Saitama vs Tatsumaki – OPM Chapter 182 (Alan Bowe)

Tatsumaki continues her fight and struggle against Saitama. She doesn’t understand why Saitama doesn’t fight back, let alone succumb to her power. She is doing everything in her entirety to humble Saitama and bring him to his knees, but he just won’t budge! After an exhausted Tatsumaki realizes that Saitama can’t be beaten, she accepts […]Read More

Anime (Clips)

Itachi vs Sasuke (Full Fight – Fight Scenes Only)

In the Itachi vs Sasuke fight, Itachi reveals to Sasuke that he was ordered by the village elders to wipe out their entire clan, including their parents. Sasuke becomes enraged and attacks Itachi with his full power, but Itachi easily deflects all of his attacks. As the fight progresses, Itachi begins to suffer from a […]Read More


Tatsumaki Faces Off With Saitama (Artwork by Khyle)

Self-proclaimed artist who goes by the name of Khyle has created unique artwork of none other than Tatsumaki and Saitama. This scene was taken straight from Manga Chapter 181 of One Punch Man. Khyle went to work and not only colored this piece but put his own influence, style, and creativity. He created a scene […]Read More

Animated Shorts

MetaRain by Pixelord x Terem

Our interpretation of this piece is a future where robots are trying to justify their existence. In this creative montage, you see humans assimilate with robots, and the transformation of robots due to their technology is displayed in a series of powerful images. This visual piece was created by artist Dima Terem and put together […]Read More

Cartoons (Clips)

Ghost Rider vs Galactus – Who Wins?

During the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series, Ghost Rider appears in an episode to help deliver justice against the world eating goliath named Galactus. There is no limit to Galactus’ power. He can consume entire planets and is virtually unstoppable. If he is full, he becomes an enemy you would not want to face. He […]Read More

Film & TV

Man of Steel Japanese Dub: Kal-El vs General Zod (English

In this scene, General Zod (General of the Kryptonian Army) confronts Kal-El (Superman) after his plan for turning the earth into a new home for his people got ruined. What makes this particular scene unique is the Japanese dubbing with english subtitles. For those people who love watching anime, you can admit that the voice […]Read More

Animated Shorts Film & TV

DC Showcase: Catwoman (2011) Animated Film

In this animated short film by DC Comics platform DC Showcase, Catwoman goes after a Gotham City crime boss who calls himself Rough Cut. After finding out that he is linked to a mysterious cargo shipment, she attempts to track it down. Catwoman (2011) is directed by Lauren Montgomery and stars Eliza Dushku who plays […]Read More

Blog Film & TV

M3GAN 2.0 Sequel: What Could The Movie Be About?

Before we continue, this article may contain spoilers from the first movie. If our predictions are right, this may contain spoilers for the sequel or future iterations of M3GAN. M3GAN is an abbreviation for Model 3 Generation Android, which was built by Gemma, who is a robotics engineer. Gemma ended up creating a real life-like […]Read More

One Punch Man Graphic Tees by #Vizewls