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Garou vs Ugly Fuhrer, Platinum Sperm & Evil Natural Water

After a grueling battle with Bomb and Bang, Garou has fully awakened after receiving a crushing blow to the face from Bang. This causes Garou to be aware of his surroundings and attack the strongest cadres on the battle field.

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Popeye vs Saitama (Full Fight) by FrostETH

Popeye The Sailor Man takes on Saitama The One Punch Man in this fun fan-fiction battle. In the world of cartoons, Popeye knows no limits, especially when he consumes a can of spinach. Saitama, in his anime world also has

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Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Granolah (Fan Animation)

Vegeta displays his new transformation called Ultra Ego against Granolah. Vegeta gets stronger as he receives damage from his opponents. Like Goku’s Ultra Instinct which has levels, we are assuming that Ultra Ego will have levels as well. When Vegeta

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Father & Son Kamehameha (Dubstep Remix)

One of the greatest battles in the history of Dragon Ball Z and anime is when Gohan faces off against Perfect Cell in a Kamehameha duel. Gohan has injured his left arm and his forced to do a one-handed Kamehameha