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One Punch Man: Garou vs Saitama Movie Edition (Fanimation)

With the official manga of One Punch Man continually changing and deviating from the web comic, fan animators of this series have to continuously play catchup. Luckily, creative fan animators make their own alterations and try not to make the

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Itachi vs Sasuke (Full Fight – Fight Scenes Only)

In the Itachi vs Sasuke fight, Itachi reveals to Sasuke that he was ordered by the village elders to wipe out their entire clan, including their parents. Sasuke becomes enraged and attacks Itachi with his full power, but Itachi easily

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Saitama vs Perfect Cell (TeamFourStar)

The battle for the survival of earth begins as Saitama faces off against Perfect Cell. During this tournament that Perfect Cell has created to battle the Z fighters (from the Dragon Ball Z universe), Saitama and Genos (from One Punch

Anime (Clips) Fan Animation

Awakened Garou vs Bang Fight (by WildWolf Animation)

The Battle between the S Class and Executives is heating up. When things couldn’t get worst for both sides, Awakened Garou steps on the scene. His goal is to destroy both the Hero and Monster Association and create his own