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Suponjibobu (SpongeBob) Anime Ep #1: Bubble Bass Arc

Suponjibobu Anime: Bubble Bass Arc is created by Narmak Animation. The popularity of Spongebob is undeniable. We get a unique take of the hit cartoon series Spongebob in anime form. Thanks for people like Narmak, new and existing generations of

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Justice League Unlimited: Batman Dodges Darkseid’s Omega Beams

One of the most rememorable scenes from the animated cartoon Justice League Unlimited. In this clip, Darkseid takes on the Justice League with his army of Parademons. While Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter, and other fight the Parademons, Batman, Superman,

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The Best Animations of Kenichiro Aoki

If it were’nt for this man right here, One Punch Man Season 2 would be on the top 5 list of worst looking anime’s of all time. Kenichiro Aoki, lead animator of JC Staff did most of the fight scenes

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Love, Death & Robots (Vol 2) – Vacuubot vs Old

This is a clip from Love, Death & Robots Volume 2, episode 1 called “Automated Customer Service”. An old lady and her dog is at home. Keeping watch and taking care of her is a Vacuubot that can clean the