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Mob Psycho 100: Mob vs Hanazawa (Full Fight)

Mob takes on Hanazawa in a battle of the psychics. As usual, Mob is very reluctant to fight or use his powers. He understands the power that he has inside and that he can potential destroy his opponent. Hanazawa, a

Anime (Clips) Fan Animation

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 175 – Fanimation by MMS

In this chapter, Tatsumaki takes on Psychorochi. The battle has just begun and Tatsumaki is taking the lead by extracting everyone and everything out of the underground monster-base. The battle between the psychic powered ladies begins now. MMS Animator has

Anime (Clips)

Saitama vs Perfect Cell (TeamFourStar)

The battle for the survival of earth begins as Saitama faces off against Perfect Cell. During this tournament that Perfect Cell has created to battle the Z fighters (from the Dragon Ball Z universe), Saitama and Genos (from One Punch

Fan Animation

Naruto Style Fight – Hidden Leaf vs Akatsuki by RivenX3i

An urban twist on ‘Naruto-verse’ ninja action. Credits: Directed, Action Designed, Shot, Edited & VFX– Christopher C. Cowan Leaf Ninja & Fight Coordinator– Anthony Rinna Akatsuki Ninja– David Chea Wire Rigger– Jordan Le Goueff ‘Naruto Bluebird’ (Trap Remix)– TrackGonEat