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Naruto and Sasuke – Sage of the Six Paths

As the manga series for Naruto nears its end, a lot of things are starting to shape up. While Guy goes 8th (death) gate against Uchiha Madara, both Naruto and Sasuke meet with Hagoromo, the Legendary Sage of the Six Paths. This

Animation (Clips)

Garou vs Darkshine Fight (Fanimation)

Fanimation fight of Garou vs Darkshine from the One Punch Man Manga series. This fight scene comes for Chapter 127. Until the official animation arrives in the next few years, lets enjoy some cool work from fans of the series.

Anime (Clips) Fan-Fiction

Saitama vs Blast (One Punch Man) Part 1 – Fanimation

An impending God Level threat is arriving in 3 days and the Number 1 hero named Blast is recruiting the strongest warriors to fight against it. Blast stumbles upon Saitama, knowing his reputation as a one punch artist, he decides

Anime (Clips)

Dragon Ball Z: Goku Vs Vegeta – Kamehameha VS Galick

Aside from this battle being epic in every proportion, part of the reason why Dragon Ball Z was so successful in its introduction to the United States was because of the Ocean Dub. The latest dub we hear from Funimation