Shakira x Boss Logic “Zenith” NFT Artwork Collab

 Shakira x Boss Logic “Zenith” NFT Artwork Collab

International music star and sensation Shakira has teamed up with prolific and well known digital artist Boss Logic to create an amazing piece called Zenith.

In this photo, we see Shakira designed like a mythical amazonian warrior, wielding a blade that she used for cutting a tentacle off of an Alien creature. Shakira has put on sale the motion art version of this piece, and it sold for over $30,000.

In our opinion, this artwork represents fantasy, beauty, elegance, and creativity all in one shot. Boss Logic continues to redefine himself with not only his own artwork but with collab pieces like this. We will surely see more mashups in the future.

Zenith NFT Artwork is a limited piece and is available to Purchase on MakersPlace. Place your bid and get yours before someone else does.

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