Awakened Garou vs Bang (Fan Art) (PedroZox x MarkReymer)

 Awakened Garou vs Bang (Fan Art) (PedroZox x MarkReymer)

Garou, the hero hunter is on his way to becoming a full monster. After his fight with Darkshine, Garou finds himself transformed partially into a monster. Bang, Garou’s former teacher will have to fight his pupil and put a stop to his hero killing rampage.

But can Bang succeed against this new Garou? In the next manga chapter 148 of One Punch Man, we may finally get a glimpse of Abandonment Bang. The version of Bang uses his full potential without holding back. He will need to because now Garou is fully blood-lusted.

Those who read the web comic know’s what already happens in the future chapter releases. But given the fact that ONE has given Murata creative control over the story, anything can happen.

Original artwork is by Pedrozox2093 and coloring is by MarkReymer.

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