Goku Stacks Ultra Instinct With Super Saiyan God

 Goku Stacks Ultra Instinct With Super Saiyan God

In Dragon Ball Super Manga 72, Goku and Vegeta face off against a new and powerful opponent, and his name is Granolah. After being struck by a powerful Ki blast that KO’d Goku, Vegeta provides Goku with a senzu bean to restore his vitality.

With a fresh new opportunity, Goku has some trouble keeping up against Granolah. In order to level the playing field, Goku displays a new ability that allows him to stack Ultra Instinct on top of the Super Saiyan God form. Granolah quickly overcomes this feat, but this shows the never-ending potential that Goku contains.

Eventually, when Goku masters all 12 levels of Ultra Instinct, he will truly become a “God” among all fighters in the multi-verse.

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