Fan Animation Video Games

Ryu vs Scorpion (Full Fight) by Proxicide

Back in the days before YouTube, Newgrounds (a video streaming website) reigned supreme for short clips, games, and fan-animations. One of those videos that became viral around that time was none other than Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter II. Created by animator Proxicide, by using video game sprites from gaming software called Mugen, a short […]Read More


Hakaishin God of Destruction Vegeta – New Transformation

In the latest manga release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, Vegeta begins his fight against Granolah. Both fighters are fairly even until Granolah proves that his power is stronger than both Goku and Vegeta. As the fight progresses Vegeta reveals hints that he is just getting warmed up and that as the fight grows […]Read More


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Official Trailer)

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings looks to be a certified hit. Disney has failed to deliver with their live action property Mulan, but with Shang-Chi, we are potentially looking at a new franchise featuring multiple movies, toys, and comic books. After Marvel/Disney completely missed the mark with the character and villain called […]Read More


The Suicide Squad (Official Trailer)

Better than the first released trailer, The Suicide Squad is looking to be a perfect balance of action and humor, at the same time, respecting the comic book source material. The Suicide Squad is another property of DC Comics. It’s about a group of Supervillains who include Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of […]Read More

Anime (Clips)

Yusuke Murata (OPM) – Car Scene for Majin Bone #12

The purpose of this video is to show the animation capabilities of Yusuke Murata, the artist of the hit Manga series, One Punch Man. Murata has shown his ability to animate scenes, this also show’s the potential for Murata to step in and help with season 3 of One Punch Man. Season 2 of One […]Read More

Guides & Tutorials

How To Draw Hands – Anime & Cartoon Guide by

One of the most difficult things to draw on paper is hands. Whether you are trying to draw a cartoon, anime, or real life character, hands are at the top of the list in terms of difficulty. People don’t realize it but hands are full of shapes, colors, lines, and details. Hands are also very […]Read More


Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 Promo Trailer HD (2022)

It’s official, the follow up to the hit movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been announced by Toei Animation to be released in 2022. This movie will be canon to the existing Dragon Ball Super series and will feature Broly, Frieza, and the original cast of Z fighters. The new movie will tie in the […]Read More