Saitama vs Perfect Cell (TeamFourStar)

The battle for the survival of earth begins as Saitama faces off against Perfect Cell. During this tournament that Perfect Cell has created to battle the Z fighters (from the Dragon Ball Z universe), Saitama and Genos (from One Punch Man) join what is called The Cell Games.

With Perfect Cell being completely unaware of Saitama’s strength, he easily dismantles Genos with one hit. Not knowing that if he were to be on the receiving end of that slap from Saitama, he would literally become splattered cell matter.

TeamFourStar has created an epic series of Parody’s that feature Perfect Cell facing off against many anime heroes such as Yu-Gi-Oh and more. This epic face-off between Saitama is one of our favorites. It would had been an amazing fight if it truly came to pass.

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