Love, Death & Robots (Vol 2) – Vacuubot vs Old Lady

This is a clip from Love, Death & Robots Volume 2, episode 1 called “Automated Customer Service”.

An old lady and her dog is at home. Keeping watch and taking care of her is a Vacuubot that can clean the house and protect the home from potential threats.

These scene shows you the potential of what can go wrong if a robot’s AI gets hacked or decides to change its view on what’s right and wrong. In this case, the old lady and the dog became a problem for this robot, and the only way to get rid of this problem is straight termination.

Movies and television continue to show what is possible in the future. Alexa just released a new robot called Astro which can communicate with you and your loved ones in the home. It’s only a matter of time when more features are added to that robot, potentially mimicking scenes like this one in real life.

You can watch the full episode and more from Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 on Netflix.

Old Lady with Shotgun vs Robot

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