Father & Son Kamehameha (Dubstep Remix)

One of the greatest battles in the history of Dragon Ball Z and anime is when Gohan faces off against Perfect Cell in a Kamehameha duel.

Gohan has injured his left arm and his forced to do a one-handed Kamehameha wave against a fully revived Perfect Cell who is at 100% power.

Gohan with the support of his fellow Z fighters such as Piccolo, Krillan, Tien, Yamcha, Vegeta, and Goku as a spirit push to save the planet earth from Perfect Cell’s evil intentions.

This video was put together by YouTuber Iezbeepic and edited with the soundtrack called Hero’s Awakening by Crazyx & D-Rage. The track fits perfectly with the energy and emotion of this fight. When Gohan was victorious, it was all the more perfect.


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