Dragon Ball Z: Goku Vs Vegeta – Kamehameha VS Galick Gun (Ocean Dub)

Aside from this battle being epic in every proportion, part of the reason why Dragon Ball Z was so successful in its introduction to the United States was because of the Ocean Dub.

The latest dub we hear from Funimation studios works really well and took some time getting use to. But there was something special about Ocean Dub’s voice over and everyone watching this scene would agree.

Vegeta’s voice which is played by voice actor Brian Drummond created a sound for Vegeta that no one to this day has ever come close to matching. The straight visceral and chaotic reaction in Vegeta’s voice gives this scene more pop than ever.

Along with the sound effects, music, and near-perfect voice acting for a Japanese Animation, the Ocean Dub battle of Goku vs Vegeta will always go down as a classic in anime history.

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