Might Guy Goes 8th Death Gate vs Madara (Full Fight)

In the hit anime series Naruto Shippuden, during the height of the show, Might Guy steps in and literally puts his life on the line to fight against Uchiha Madara. Guy proves himself to be a worthy opponent, fighting Madara at the 7th Gate.

But since Madara unlocked the 6th paths cheat code, Might Guy had to go 8th gates, which is the death gate to try to even the score. In the 8th gates form, Might Guy was the only shinobi to ever inflict serious damage to Madara. Even so, Madara gives Might Guy respect for what he has done.

This is one of the best moments of the show. Everyone who watched Naruto and became fascinated with what Rock Lee accomplished, all wished to see what it would look like when you reach the 8th gate. And man oh man, this scene did not disappoint.

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