Serious Table Flip – Saitama vs Cosmic Garou (Fan Animation)

Saitama takes on Cosmic Garou on one of the moons surrounding Jupiter. With Genos being dismantled by Garou, Saitama is extremely pissed and continually growing in power. Garou continues to throw everything, including the kitchen sink at Saitama, but nothing is working.

Saitama steps up his attacks by using his deadly techniques, which are called Killer Series. In these set of moves, he unleashes the infamous Table Flip, which completely throws Garou off guard and away from his senses. Garou will do anything to win and will try to copy Saitama as much as possible. But is this a winning strategy?

Have to say, beautiful animation. All of the scenes flow well with each other. The team that works on Season 3 and 4 of One Punch Man have their work cut out for them. If one animator can do this, a team with the right budget and director can do so as well. We so look forward to the completed compilation of this fight between Garou and Saitama.

Animation By: Red Haired Guy

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