Saitama vs Cosmic Garou (Full Fight) One Punch Man

Animation video created by the RedHairedGuy of the fight between Saitama and Cosmic Garou. To quickly recap on how we got to this point. Garou has been defeating all the S Class heroes one by one until he eventually comes across an immovable force (Saitama).

After Saitama beats Garou easily, Garou crosses paths with an entity that calls its self “God” who gives him the powers beyond imagination. This allows Garou in his weaken state become renewed, and then allows him to transform into Cosmic Garou.

This new transformation gives Garou to be ability to copy and use any of his opponents moves and techniques. Garou being able to match the power of Saitama has completely upped the stakes of this fight. With Saitama finally meeting his match for the first time, watch the video to the end to see who emerges victorious.

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