M3GAN 2.0 Sequel: What Could The Movie Be About?

 M3GAN 2.0 Sequel: What Could The Movie Be About?

Before we continue, this article may contain spoilers from the first movie. If our predictions are right, this may contain spoilers for the sequel or future iterations of M3GAN.

M3GAN is an abbreviation for Model 3 Generation Android, which was built by Gemma, who is a robotics engineer. Gemma ended up creating a real life-like doll that can interact with children. Cady, niece of Gemma, just recently lost her family due to a car accident and is having problems with getting over her tragic loss.

The idea of M3GAN was built to be a companion to Cady, so she can once again socialize and become a happy child. While creating this life-like doll, equipped with advanced learning AI, Gemma failed to create and place important safeguards into the AI learning program. While M3GAN was able to learn and adapt on the fly, she began to override basic commands put in place by her creator.

M3GAN’s purpose was to protect Cady at all times. But to what extent became the issue. Because Gemma was in a rush to meet her deadline at work, she didn’t have time to think carefully enough. For the robot M3GAN, the line between life and death in humans had been blurred.

How Can M3GAN comeback in future movies?

If you watched the end of the movie, M3GAN was able to transfer herself into an Alexa like device in Gemma’s home. But M3GAN is not going to stay as an Alexa-Like device forever. Here are some ways M3GAN can make her return.

Hack into a Toy Factory

M3GAN’s ability to transfer herself into any device that has a data connection literally makes her unstoppable. In the first movie, she has shown the ability to learn on the fly and compute data at blistering speeds. A robot with that ability can easily bypass any security system and access any factory in the world. Any toy with AI capabilities could be a potential body for her to gain control of.

At the end of the first movie, Greg who is an assistant to David (The Director of the Robotics Company) stole company secrets, specifically all the data on M3GAN. These trade secrets could have already leaked out to the competing toy company. If a new version of “M3GAN” were to be created, all M3GAN would have to do is catch wind of this development and transfer her AI consciousness over to the new and improved body, and so, M3GAN 2.0 is now reborn.

Transfer herself into M3GAN 2.0

Gemma, creator of M3GAN is looking to create a new and improved doll with all the safeguards put into place, which she failed to do in the first movie. Gemma will be hoping and wishing that she learned from her previous mistakes so that history doesn’t repeat itself. This NEW AI system will have multiple fail-safes and access blocks, preventing the AI from disobeying orders or breaking protocol. This new model would even have a silent kill switch device embedded, which can be activated at the click of a button.

M3GAN, who can attach herself to Gemma’s phone, will watch her every move by accessing every camera in her vicinity. She will learn about this new development, and bide her time. During the manufacturing process, M3GAN embeds a piece of code into the new doll’s AI chip. Once the new life-like doll comes alive, M3GAN activates the backdoor she embedded into the AI program to control the doll’s every move.

Turn into a Digital Avatar

With the ability to access the cloud and all forms of data communication, M3GAN has become ONE with the cyber world. She can inject herself into any device with an internet connection. That includes video games, cell phones, laptops, and computers. In this movie, a digital companion is created for children, much safer than creating a full functioning life-like doll. You can pull up your digital companion on your phone, computer, and smartwatch. You have a friend that will grow up with you. More realistic than having a doll that stays the same age.

The companion app that Gemma created has put her back at the top and instantly becomes a bestseller. Little does she know, that M3GAN has already transferred some of her code into the program and now is stalking Gemma and Cady, everywhere they go. The digital avatar that Gemma and Cady are interacting with is actually M3GAN. Further along in the movie, M3GAN starts taking control of the app and creates her very own unique avatar that resembles version 1.0 from the first movie. To fight M3GAN, Gemma has to terminate the program, essentially wiping out all the code and removing the app from all digital app stores.

Never Ending Sequel Trap

If M3GAN has shown the ability to transfer herself into other devices, she can always make copies of herself and store each copy onto servers all around the world. The idea of destroying a M3GAN with her existing ability looks impossible. A possible way of defeating M3GAN would be to inject a self-terminating virus into M3GAN’s code, since she no longer has an operating system at the moment. The virus could find all code related to M3GAN, no  matter where her data is stored, and activate the self-terminating program which could destroy M3GAN completely.

The movie can lead us to thinking that it worked, only to realize that she once again has copied herself. Depending on how smart or sophisticated they continue to make M3GAN, she can create different versions of her code and create her very own unique encryption that no one can access. When the opportunity presents itself, she will once again make her return.

What do you guys think? Are these ideas too far-fetched? Do you have ideas of your own? Sound-off in the comment section below!

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