DNF Duel (Official Trailer) – 2D Action Fighter Game

A new 2D fighting game has been spotted in the wild and this one looks like a banger! For those of you who are familiar with other fighting games such as Guilty Gear X and Dragon Ball FighterZ will definitely love this one.

The graphics look incredible and the anime character models that are shown makes it look like you are watching an actual anime fight scene. As 2D fighting games continue to evolve, we will definitely be seeing a whole lot more games that emulates the success of Dragon Ball Fighter Z and even the likes of Marvel vs Capcom.

DNF Duel is 2D Fighter video game that is inspired by the Dungeon Fighter franchise. Created by Nexon and Arc System Works. At the time of this post, DNF Duel does not have a release date or consoles to be released on. We should expect this game to hit every major console device in the future.

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