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Animated Shorts

Perihelion (Animated Short) by Nick Cross

This short film can be interpreted in many ways from the perspective of the viewer. This animated short by Nick Cross is very thought provoking. In this endless loop of terror, it shows the harsh reality of what war, greed, lust, and power has over humanity. On one end of the spectrum, you have people […]Read More

Animated Shorts

The Clockwork Elves – Full Animated Short (Nick Cross)

The Clockwork Elves by Nick Cross tells a story of what happens when people who lack knowledge becomes “woke” to the truth. With that new found knowledge, when trying to warn others, you get crucified for it. Because those “warnings” about what lies ahead got ignored, the truth that was prophetic through those visions actually […]Read More

One Punch Man Graphic Tees by #Vizewls