Star Wars: Visions (Official Trailer)

Disney and Lucas Films brings the Star Wars universe continues to expand it’s reach and audience by creating an anime version of their hit franchise. Star Wars: Visions consist of 7 unique stores that explore the force and the battle against good and evil.

The inspiration of creating multiple stories in anime form all started from the Animatrix. The success of the Animatrix has led to another properties taking on the multiple story approach like Love, Death, and Robots.

The success of Star Wars no doubt will translate well in Anime form because their are fight scenes and affects you simply can’t do in a live action film. In Anime, the animation team has more creative freedom to deliver stellar fight choreography and more emphasis on showing off special powers like the force.

Based on the look of this trailer, Star Wars: Visions looks to be action packed and super creative beyond belief. Fans young and old, and newcomers who will be introduced to the Star Wars franchise because of the Anime format are all in for a treat.

Star Wars: Visions releases on Disney Plus on September 22nd, 2021.

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