Fortnite Cyber Infiltration Pack Game Play Video

Video by PIZO (Youtuber)

Fornite provides an amazing gaming experience for millions of people around the world. Besides a fun and addicting game play, Fortnite allows you to purchase skins that make the game play more enjoying.

Released in April 2021, Fortnight dropped the Cyber Infiltration Pack that brings anime to the forefront. Many gamers of the Fortnite franchise already watch anime. Adding these skins to the fold brings in a new and refreshing experience.

The Cyber Infiltration Pack was offered for a limited time and purchasable through the Item Shop. The pack includes character skins such as Chigusa, Megumi, Yuki, Guard Pup, H4ck, and Watchful Wabbit.

You will have to purchase another Bundle called the Infiltration Tools Pack that allows you to obtain harvesting tools that match-up with the outfits. Note that Yuki is the only outfit with selectable styles from the bundle.

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