Babydoll vs 3 Samurai – Sucker Punch (Full Fight Scene)

In this scene, Babydoll goes up against 3 powerful samurai who looks to dominate her into submission. For those who didn’t watch the movie, the main character Babydoll (Emily Browning) enters a dreamlike state anytime she is forced to deal with trauma. In order for her to overcome this dreamlike state, she literally battles her demons.

In this scene from the movie Sucker Punch (2011), this is the first ordeal she goes through. Heavily inflused by Anime and Video Games, director Zack Snyder forged a scene (particulary this one) where fans who enjoy watching anime chicks with guns, go up against an enemy with Samuari Swords . Like Justice League, the movie Sucker Punch has a “Synder Cut” which is unreleased. Imagine what a movie like this in it’s entirety would be like.

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